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US Postal Service and its services with USPS Tracking

If you ha
ve ever sent postal cards, letters or packages to any of your family member, friend etc then you must have heard about the USPS. Its full name is United Nations Postal Service. In this post, we are going to take over USPS overview, services, how it is working in reality, track your order online. So Let’s start with a quick overview.

USPS Overview:

USPS was founded in 1971 by the Federal government of United States of America. Before this, Its was started in 1770 as postal service. But in 1971, government supported it as independent agency to work under government rules & regulation. Since its emergence, it has gained a lot of attention from user’s side only because of its quality services, timely delivery of products across the United Nations. Government bound them to provide postal services on Uniform price irrespective of geographical location within the country. This is one the best service in courier world. We can send letters, envelopes, parcels to Packages. Prices are taken on the basis of weight & size. It is now working in more than 190 countries after contracting with regional courier services. There are various types of services provided by this courier company are given below.

USPS Service

When it comes to services, USPS is very rich. It has everything for everyone to choose from. According to the delivery of time and Fast service to slower service and cheaper rates. It works on

Service = Shape + Speed + Cost 

USPS First Class mail

USPS Retail Ground

USPS Media mail

USPS Priority Mail

USPS Priority Mail  Express


USPS Parcel

All these services differ in prices on the basis of the shape of the article & time of delivery.


USPS tracking orders online

Tracking of orders is done from the initial point where the product was booked for shipping till the end until its delivery. When you book a parcel on any USPS center then you are given a system generated courier number. This number can further be used to track order on website There are many shipping centers in between from starting to end. At every check, point product is scanned via its barcode printed on it to provide the latest location of the order. Also even after successful delivery of the parcel to the recipient same number is updated in the database to confirm that the shipping of the product has been done.

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